Not Your Average Breakfast

Shake-up the Routine with These 7 Not Your Average Breakfast Recipes!


Breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day… yet, it feels like the most challenging one! It’s easy to pour a bowl of cereal, whip up eggs with toast, or grab a protein bar from the pantry. However, these options lack excitement. So, when in a rush we find ourselves leaving the house without eating anything at all! Coffee on an empty stomach sounds like catastrophe waiting to happen. Your stomach starts to growl, and it hits you… you’ve let yourself become hangry (hungry-angry). Dun dun duuun!  Now, that’s not the tone we should ever have to  start off our day with. In hopes of shaking up the morning breakfast routine, here are 7 Not Your Average Breakfast ideas!

You don’t have to eat the same thing every morning. That can get boring really quick! No need to fear, Crofter’s is here to help get you out of that breakfast rut. One of these 7 not-so-average ideas are sure to bring back breakfast excitement!


Berry Harvest Banana Breakfast Couscous

Whole grain? or Pasta? We don’t care about labels with this tasty breakfast! Warm, delicious and quick—this will become your new go-to recipe when craving a hot, homemade breakfast. This is sure to get your morning started right and leave you fully satisfied until lunch time! Give this tasty, satisfying, out-of-the box recipe a try.


Sweet Potato Toast 3-ways

We would like to propose a toast, to sweet potato toast! Try this Crofter’s twist on the popular avocado toast.  This is a great delicious gluten-free option that is surprisingly comforting in the morning. The best part, there is endless topping options. With several different flavor combinations, its sure to satisfy the whole family.


Black Currant Glazed Pears

5 easy ingredients…now, that’s what I’m talking about! We often find and agree that simplicity is best, that’s how we feel about these delicious black currant gazed pears. It’s sure to satisfy your sweets craving and is a healthier alternative to pancakes, pastries, or waffles. Typically, we start to crave baked fruits in the cooler months but who’s to say you can’t enjoy a baked pear or two any season of the year? Be rebellious!


Superfruit Breakfast Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the world’s most popular health foods, and it deserves every right to hold that title. Have you ever looked into the nutrients and health benefits that can be found in quinoa? Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein, high in fiber, high in magnesium, B vitamins, iron and so much more! It is even one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. But quinoa for breakfast?? Yes, you read correctly. But trust us, this one might just become a household favorite. It’s warm, nutritious and best of all it is berry-delicious!


For that rush-out-the-door kind of morning, yes, we all have them! That’s why we didn’t forget about them! You can make these recipes ahead of time. Easily add them to your weekend meal prep for on-the-go breakfast. You’ll never have to leave the house hungry again! Yes, no more hangry morning work commutes. SCORE!


Mango Lime Energy Bites

Juicy mango, zesty lime, and shredded coconut with notes of nutty perfection—creates a favor combination worthy of celebration! These jam-packed bites are so easy to take on-the-go and are sure to satisfy.  These Easy Mango Lime Energy Bites are bursting with sweet tropical flavor. Give them a try!


Wild Blueberry & Nut Yogurt Squares

Imagine the taste of a perfect fruit and granola parfait, with no mess all in a compact, convenient square shape. Impossible? Think again. Made with delicious layers of coconut sugar candied pecans and walnuts, low-fat Greek yogurt, Crofter’s Wild Blueberry Spread, fresh blueberries and rolled oats. These really are a tasty bite!


AB&J Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

Creamy chia seeds in almond milk topped with Crofter’s Four Fruit Spread and a swirl of almond butter—it doesn’t get much better! This chia seed pudding perfectly refuels your body & mind first thing in the morning. Rejoice in refueling!


These not your average breakfast recipes are sure to inspire! Set yourself up for success by having a satisfying, filling first meal.  Bring the excitement back to breakfast!

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