Even when Crofter’s was just a dream, a nutritious, low-sugar, organic product was still the goal. We do, indeed, create tasty, tasty spreads, but every time we get in more fruit, or start the boilers, or cap another batch, we have health in mind too. Because your taste buds’ happiness should never be separated from your body’s wellness.

Less Sugar, No Less Sweet

Jam, Jelly, Preserve. These fruit-centric treats hold places in our hearts. But the truth is that traditionally every-single-one of ‘em is more than 50% sugar. That’s why we’ve taken this popular, cravable food and made a more modern, tasty, nutritious way to jam out by upgrading the fruit power and decreasing the sugar content by 33%. Each serving of Crofter’s is only 30 calories. Now that’s 30 calories well spent.

Allergen-Free For All

Our facility processes fruit and cane sugar. No nuts, no grains, no animal products (yes, even our cane sugar is vegan). For the time our spread is with us, it never comes into contact with common allergens. Even sulfites, naturally occurring in some red grapes, stay below the government standard of 10 ppm. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our spread.

Side by Side by Side

Here’s the breakdown of why spread is the berry best choice over other jars of traditional spreadable fruit.

Crofter’s Spread

33% less sugar and 33% fewer calories than a preserve. Always organic, always tasty.


Based on FDA regulation, preserves must have nearly 65% sugar content. Not joking.


Surprise! “Jam” and “preserve” are now used interchangeably. And that means? A lot of sugar.


Jelly is basically a preserve in terms of sugar, too. Only fruit juice is used, though. No whole fruits.

Fruit Butter

Only eight fruits can be made into these. They’re slow-cooked in open kettles to get the ‘buttery’ texture.


Usually made with citrus, the preserve-levels of sugar balances the bitter peels so you don’t pucker.