Giving Back

Our family knows what a happy, healthy world can grow, not to mention what it takes to chase down a dream. To say thank you, pay it forward, and do our part to protect what the world has to offer, we give back. Because we think giving back is just the right thing to do.

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We donate yearly to help provide micro-loan funding for businesses in developing world communities. So far, The Whole Planet Foundation has distributed over 6.9 million dollars. We know what it’s like to start a business from the ground up and are excited at the chance to help other people who didn’t have the same support we did, do the same.

Green America

Genetically Modified Organisms require widespread use of herbicides and pesticides that affect the ecosystem around them. (Bugs—run for your lives!) Our soil, plant-life, and wildlife have to be healthy to grow many more generations worth of food and enjoyment, so we’re proud to support this effort to eradicate GMOs from our food system.

Washington Farmland Trust

As our population continues to grow, we need more and more food. (Duh.) But where will it be grown when often neighborhoods are built on what was once fertile farmland? We support the Washington Farmland Trust to preserve hundreds of acres of fertile farmland in the Pacific Northwest.

spreading the love Locally

Georgian Bay Cleanup

We live in Parry Sound, Ontario on the shores of Georgian Bay, where rugged wilderness meets glistening natural lakes. When we heard there was trash on the bottom of the harbor, we knew we needed to help. We contribute financially to this ongoing effort and fill the bellies of volunteers on clean-up days.

UNESCO Georgian Bay Biosphere Mnidoo Gamii

We contribute annually to the UNESCO Georgian Bay Biosphere. This organization funds environmental research studies, community food gardens, and community education programs like the Native Plant Tag Campaign, which encourages locals to landscape with plants best for the area. Our favorite is the Velvetleaf Blueberry Bush!

Treetops Community Forest

We made a contribution to this grassroots project that’s preserving natural forest land adjacent to Parry Sound Public School. They will be transforming the property into a town park that will function as an outdoor learning environment for the students and community. We won’t be surprised if Bear finds a new hiding spot in there.