Our Services

Everything we make is produced in our processing facility in Parry Sound, Ontario. This newly built plant (completed in 2018) is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, providing high volume efficiencies, many packaging/case packing options, and top-notch food safety programs. In addition, the plant was built with sustainability in mind, including many forward-thinking initiatives such as water treatment and recycling, energy reclamation, and waste diversion tactics.

Private Label / Copack

Crofter’s is the leading producer of organic private label preserve, jelly, and fruit spread for store brand programs in North America, being the co-packer of choice for most major supermarket chains. We happily work with our clients to create custom recipes, complete with the service of sourcing fruit for specific needs. Our facilities are allergen-free and produce only organic products in the most sustainable and responsible of manner, so that our clients can feel good about reducing their environmental footprint while getting a top-notch product.


In addition to private labelling for store brands, Crofter’s is also capable of producing custom fruit bases for various applications ranging from yogurt bases to fillings to fruit-based sauces. We enjoy working closely with our clients to provide a customized formula for their project based on their individual specifications. We also have the lab capabilities to test for for herbicides and pesticides, if needed. Crofter’s Fruit Spread is also available for bulk purchasing.


Crofter's facilities meet the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing Edition 8 certification with annual audit scores 90%+.