Simple Fruity Mimosa Bar

  • Serves 24 People
  • Prep Time 10 min
  • Cook Time 0 min

Pour the bubbly, add some juice & top with your favorite garnishes. What’s better to serve at family brunch than a delicious mimosa recipe? Orange, Raspberry and Cherry. You name it, we can turn it into a fruity mimosa drink. These are simple, fun and great to serve to company when you want a quick, easy drink to make in the morning. Pro tip: When making mimosas, always pour the champagne into the cup first and then top with juice and garnishes. If the orange juice or garnishes are put in first then the mimosa won’t be able to mix together well on it’s on and you’ll end up with a sticky top to your glass. Enjoy!


Cherry Mimosa Ingredients:

Orange Mimosa Ingredients:

Raspberry Mimosa Ingredients:


  1. In a large serving jug, whisk together the cherry juice, honey or sugar, and Crofter's Morello Cherry Premium Spread, until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Strain the juice mixture through a cheese cloth or a fine cloth to remove any unwanted clumps.
  3. Repeat steps for the remaining two styles of mimosas. Garnish your mimosa jugs with your favorite berries, fruits, or herbs.
  4. Grab a glass, pour some bubbly, splash in some juice of your choice, and top with a garnish. Enjoy!