Easy Fruit Spread & Herb Infused Ice Cubes

  • Serves 6
  • Prep Time 5M
  • Cook Time 0M

Do you every strive to get more water into your diet but find it hard to do so? Have no fear, Crofter’s is here to turn your water into a tasty refreshing oasis! Raspberry & Basil, Rosemary & Wild Blueberry, Sage & Strawberry, Basil & Serville Orange—The flavor possibilities are endless with this Easy Fruit Spread & Herb Infused Ice Cubes! Let’s make drinking water more flavorful! Try adding to sparkling water for a fun twist. This could even be used to spice-up cocktail hour, simply add to the adult beverage of your choice. This is such an easy and diverse multiuse recipe. Think outside the jar and make water refreshing again!



  1. In an empty ice cube tray, place a tsp. of fruit spread into each of the bottoms of the ice cube tray molds and then place back in to the freezer to allow the fruit spread to become slightly firm. This is to make sure that when you add in the water it doesn’t mix into the spread.
  2. Next remove the ice cube tray from the freezer after about 10-15 minutes and then place in the fresh herbs. Just a few leaves/pieces per ice cube will do. Next fill up the ice cube tray with water and then place back in the freezer.
  3. Let freeze for at least 4 hours until the ice cubes become frozen or if you have a bit more time to prepare, let them freeze completely over night for best results. Remove from freezer only when ready to serve and then place the ice cubes back into the freezer to stay cool.