5 Easy Game-Day Recipes that Are Touchdown Worthy

5 Easy Game-Day Recipes


From chicken wings to mojitos, Game-Day is all about snack foods you can munch on and drinks to wash them down! You need the energy to cheer on your team all Sunday long! Let us take some of the stress away with these 5 easy game-day recipes that will allow you to spend time rooting for your team and will keep you out of the kitchen.

When you think of football, chicken wings come to mind. What better way to satisfy that game-day craving then with Spicy Seville Orange Chicken Wings. The secret to this mouth-watering recipe is Crofter’s Organic Seville Orange Just Fruit Spread. This spread has no refined sugar, it is made up of 98% oranges and apple juice concentrate for that flawless, yummy balance of sweet and tangy—perfect for this easy sweet and spicy chicken wings recipe!

What’s a game-day without sliders?! Oh, do we have a great slow cooker recipe for you—with a Crofter’s twist of course! These Apricot Pulled Pork Sliders take just minutes to prepare. Simply throw all ingredients in the slow cooker and while you’re watching the game the delicious sliders are cooking! When dinner time rolls around, you’ll have an appetizing homemade meal without missing that game winning touchdown!  Crofter’s Organic Premium Apricot Fruit Spread makes the perfect glaze for pork, giving it that drool worthy flavor! Easily make this a balanced meal by adding coleslaw and corn on the cobb. Is your mouth-watering yet?! Ours sure is!

We can’t forget about adding chips and dip to our game-day spread! Here are two crowd pleasers to throw into the mix. Morello Cherry Baked Brie is award winning ooey-gooey perfection and only takes two ingredients to make! Bake the brie for 15 minutes, take it out of the oven and scoop Crofter’s Organic Premium Morello Cherry Fruit Spread on top—that’s it! Baked brie with cherries is a combo that can’t be topped. Pair it with rice crackers, pistachios, fresh baguette, or fresh sliced apples & pears (also, goes great with wine)!

Another easy and all-time favorite appetizer is this Mango Salsa! The best part about this recipe is it can easily be made beforehand! Crofter’s Organic Premium Mango Fruit Spread is the flavor behind this delicious salsa. Get your chips ready – this incredibly smooth, velvety spread is an exotic vacation for your tongue and will surly become a favorite. Try for yourself!

The Black Currant Mojito Cocktail will have you doing a touchdown dance in no time! This cocktail has a lot in common with the classic mojito. The lime wedge, the mint, and the rum—the curveball is  Crofter’s Organic Black Currant Just Fruit Spread. The tart flavor of the black currants adds a unique and invigorating twist to the classic without any added cane sugar! You heard us right, since you’re adding our Just Fruit Spread (the ingredients are simply the fruit and organic apple juice) there is NO added cane sugar to sweeten this drink. Touchdown!