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The three R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, are important for everyone in our communities to know and understand. We learn how to recycle in many forms from many people, teachers, parents, and family members, just to name a few. This usually means throwing items in the “blue” bin or the “brown” bin. Easy enough, right? Well, unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Many items which end up in recycling bins do not make it through the recycling process, for various reasons. In recent years, Crofters has developed a recycling program which allows us to successfully recycle 99% of all packaging materials entering our facility. Let’s dive deeper into our waste management & recycling!

Our ingredients and supplies arrive in many forms, some in cardboard boxes with plastic liners, some in metal drums, some in 1000kg totes. We can’t forget wood, hundreds of pallets per year need to be discarded due to being unfit to carry food materials. All in all, our waste footprint has potential to be quite significant.

Partnering with a company specializing industrial recycled materials, we have been able to reduce our weekly waste that is sent to land fill to one small, 8 cubic yard bin. To put this in perspective, the average refrigerator has about 2 cubic yards of space. That’s right, we fit all the waste from materials needed to make 300,000 lbs of spread or jam (our average weekly production) into the space of 4 refrigerators!




Some May Wonder, ‘Why is This Important?’

Wouldn’t it be easier to just throw everything in the garbage? Of course, it would. We spend considerable amounts of time separating waste, storing it, and preparing it for shipment. When we embarked on the 5-year journey to build our new production facility, we made a promise to ourselves and our fans that we would do things as sustainably as possible. And while managing the large amount of recycled goods is cumbersome, it is our way of continuously improving our commitment to sustainable processing.

We needed to do more than just produce delicious and nutritious organic fruit spread. We needed to take it a step further by reduce our environmental footprint in all facets of our business—so it worked in unison. That’s why Crofter’s Organic designed a bear approved facility with sustainability and conservation in mind. Every little bit adds up to one big difference. #CroftersBearApproved


Home of Crofter’s Organic

Crofter’s Organic is located in the small Northern Ontario town of Parry Sound. The heart of the Georgian Bay UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You couldn’t ask for a better home as an organic food manufacture. Surrounded by clear waters, rocky granite islands with windswept pines, and an abundance of wildlife, including bears. This reminds us every day of the impact our choices can have on regional and global sustainability. Our goal is to implement innovative solutions to reduce negative impacts and supporting regenerative practices from source to spread. (curious about Our Story)



The Crofter’s Signature Jar

Reuse the jar- how, you may ask? Think storage containers for: spices, craft supplies, q-tips/ cotton balls, pen holder, or even store homemade salad dressing. Like, this  Raspberry Vinaigrette. Did we mention they’re perfect for overnight oats or yogurt parfaits on-the-go. Making the cutest DIY gifts like: a candle, terrariums, for homemade candied nuts, or a small-batch cookie recipe! Help us complete the circle! The possibilities are truly endless for reusing Crofter’s fruit spread jars!




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