More Fruit, Less Sugar: Premium Vs. Just Fruit

Meet Our Extensive Family of Spreads! More Fruit, Less Sugar: Premium Vs. Just Fruit

Every jar of Crofter’s Organic has 33% less sugar than a preserve which means you taste more lip-smacking fruit juiciness and less plain sugar. More fruit, less sugar! One of the most common questions we get is ‘what is the difference between the RED caps and the GREEN caps?’. Let’s take a deeper look into our extensive family of spreads delicious, shall we…

Premium Fruit Spreads

Our Premium Spreads can be easily identified, just look for the RED cap on the jar.

This line is sweetened with a pinch of fair-trade organic cane sugar sourced from the Green Cane Project in Brazil. This organization focuses on sustainably producing organic sugar, preserving the environment, and the health, happiness, and education of their workers and families. They pioneered harvesting sugar cane without burning the land, and then went further by re-establishing biodiversity.

The cane sugar we use is produced without the use of bone char. This is a common process in the sugar refining industry. This ensures that all of our tasty spreads meet Vegan and Vegetarian standards!

Just Fruit Spreads

Our commitment has always been to produce the most nutritious fruit spread possible which leads us to our Just Fruit Spreads! This line can be easily identified, just look for the GREEN cap on the jar!

There’s no refined sugar here. Instead, we enlist the help of organic orchards to supply us with high-quality organic apple juice that adds a subtle sweetness to our spreads, without masking the great fruit flavor. We add this fruit-based sweetness to our fruits instead of cane sugar making Just Fruit Spreads filled to the brim with, well, just fruits. Hence the name ‘Just Fruit’!

This line is ideal for consumers who are trying to eat less refined sugar or have dietary restrictions and are still jam-packed with flavor!

The difference between these two line is the sweetener! Regardless of what product line you choose, you can rest assured that all our spreads contain 33% less sugar. That’s only 30 calories per serving and 7g of sugars.

More Fruit, Less Sugar is a win for everyone!


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