Fun DIY Glass Jar Aquarium for Kids!

Fun DIY Glass Jar Aquarium for Kids!


Unleash kids inner-creative with this fun and easy DIY Glass Jar Aquarium! Kids will love taking care of their play toy aquarium without the fuss of a live one. The best part is, they’ll have a blast getting to uniquely create their own individual aquarium. Let the fun begin!

Because Crofter’s Organic always has the conservation of the environment in mind, we’ve focused on responsible farming and integrated sustainable processes into all facets of our business. We know that every little bit adds up to one big difference! That’s why the Crofter’s signature jar was not chosen by mistake. The deep European twist cap and thick solid glass jar is meant to last and be reused for years to come. Crofter’s Organic is all about reduce, reuse, recycle and want to encourage our fans to do the same! Keep the kids entertained with this FUN and EASY DIY Glass Jar Aquarium!

Follow the steps below:

Step 1:

 To start, make sure to give your Crofter’s jar a good cleaning by removing all fruit spread remnants.

Remove the labels so that you can see more clearly into the Aquarium!

**Pro Tip: let the jars soak in warm soapy water for a few hours to easily peel off the label.

Step 2:

 First, pick which items you would like to include in your aquarium and then start by carefully hot glue the plant to the bottom of the glass jar.

We don’t want this to be able to move around in the jar!

**Pro Tip: Adult help may be required to securely get the plant hot glued to the bottom of the jar.

Step 3:

Gently pour in a layer of small pebbles or rocks so that they cover the bottom of the glass jar.

We found these rocks at our local pet store that are actually meant for an aquarium/fishbowl. Perfect!

Step 4:

Next, add in any decorations you would like to have in your aquarium. These can also be found at any local pet store for a fairly reasonable price.


Step 5:

 Finally, fill up a cup with water and put a few drops of blue food coloring into the water.

Mix it around and add more or less to the water to get the desired blue color.

Next, fill up the glass jar with the water and then screw the lid back on.

Just like that, your kids have created a unique play toy aquarium customized to their personality! How fun!

We hope you have fun making this DIY project!

Make sure to upload a picture of your finished aquarium to social and tag @CroftersOrganic

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