Educational DIY Recycled Jar Ecosphere

Educational DIY Recycled Jar Ecosphere

With Earth Day right around the corner, what better educational DIY project then a recycled self-sustaining Ecosphere?! You can easily turn this into an at-home lesson by teaching your children what an Ecosphere is. (Click HERE for a resource to help explain what an Ecosphere is to your kids). Turn science into fun with this educational DIY Recycled Jar Ecosphere project that uses all recycled materials! Let the adventure begin!

Because Crofter’s Organic always has the conservation of the environment in mind, we’ve focused on responsible farming and integrated sustainable processes into all facets of our business. We know that every little bit adds up to one big difference! That’s why the Crofter’s signature jar was not chosen by mistake. The deep European twist cap and thick solid glass jar is meant to last and be reused for years to come. Crofter’s Organic is all about reduce, reuse, recycle and want to encourage our fans to do the same! Keep the kids entertained with this educational DIY Recycled Jar Ecosphere project!

Follow the steps below:

Step 1:

 To start, make sure to give your Crofter’s jar a good cleaning by removing all fruit spread remnants.

Remove the labels so that you can see more clearly into the Ecosphere!

**Pro Tip: let the jars soak in warm soapy water for a few hours to easily peel off the label.

Step 2:

For the first layer, gently pour in some small rocks or pebbles.

Try to find some small rocks that are close to the lake or pond that you will be collecting from.

Step 3:

Next, add in a layer of mud from the bottom of the lake/pond to the glass jar and layer it evenly over the pebbles and rocks.

Step 4:

Almost done, add in a layer of any type of water plant that was found living in or around the pond/lake where you have been collecting followed by a few sticks or twigs.

Step 5:

Finally, Seal the jar and place finished jar by a window that receives some sunlight.

Let all of the water and materials settle by a window.

Now watch the science of the Ecosphere unfold before your eyes!

Step 6:

Over the next days/weeks the Ecosphere will become self-sustaining!

If you notice that the plants are looking like they may be dying, open the jar to let some oxygen into it and then close it again. Leave it open for only about 10- minutes.

Also try moving it away from the window if the sunlight is too direct.

What a great way to make at-home learning F-U-N!

Make sure to upload a picture of your finished Ecosphere to social and tag @CroftersOrganic

Just like that, DIY got a bit more enticing. Spread the fun!