In an industry known for environmental degradation and shameful labour practices, The Green Cane Project offers a new standard in sustainable farming. The Green Cane Project integrates ancient human knowledge in organic stewardship of the land with the highest technology available in all aspects of sugarcane production, from soil preparation, planting and pest control to industrial processing. For more than 10 years, The Green Cane Project has been our primary organic sugar supplier. Today we use their sugar exclusively.

Sugar from The Green Cane Project is Certified Fair Trade IBD. Fair trade, social accountability and environmental sustainability are issues we take very seriously. We are proud to offer fruit spreads that use sugar from a source that is truly making a difference.

By sourcing organic fair trade cane sugar exclusively from the Green Cane Project, Crofter's makes a positive impact on the environment. Learn more by clicking on the infographic.

A practice now embraced globally, The Green Cane Project developed a mechanized method for harvesting green sugar cane in 1987. Historically cane was harvested after burning the fields, to the severe detriment of the enviornment and workers.

Through decades of field and laboratory research, The Green Cane Project has found a way to increase yields while restoring biodiversity, soil health and water resources. Even pests are controlled naturally through biological controls like releasing natural enemies to pests into the fields with no environmental risk, or dynamically modifying the production system according the ecological balance trends between pests and predators.

Learn more about The Green Cane Project and Check out these videos.


Sunday November 10, 2013
BBC Radio 4 aired an interview with Leontino Balbo Jr., the man behind the Native® Green Cane Project in Brazil (the world’s leading example of innovative agriculture and sustainability).
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August 14, 2013
WIRED UK’s recent article on the Native Green Cane Project and its leader Leontino Balbo Junior highlights everything that is unique about his approach to green farming.  In a time when transparency in the supply chain is top-of-mind for your customers, Native has a wonderful story to share.
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Grupo Balbo is recognized by the World Economic Forum as 1 of  16 international companies  that are redefining the future of growth that efficiently binds all the elements of sustainability together – economic, environmental and social.
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