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Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more about Crofter's. Let's start with the basics.

Who we are

Established in 1989 we are a family-owned organic food manufacturer located in Parry Sound, Ontario Canada. Where is that you ask? Well, it's a small town in northern Ontario, a few hours north of Toronto. There really is no better setting for an organic company. We are in the heart of the 30,000 Islands of Georgian Bay which is part of Lake Huron. With a rugged shoreline of granite and windswept pines, and inland lakes everywhere you turn, we are literally surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife which puts us in a great state of mind to create the best tasting organic fruit spreads possible. UNESCO has even recognized this unique part of the world by designating it a Biosphere Reserve.

Crofter's Food Ltd has been manufacturing organic products since the beginning of the trend toward organics. We continue to be family owned and now employ over 40 people making us one of the largest employers in the area.

What We Do
Crofter's makes the best tasting, nutritious, organic fruit spreads possible with 1/3 less sugar than traditional preserves. We support your right to know what is in your food, so you can trust Crofter's to nourish your family with certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verfied fruit spreads with nutritious fruit and just the right amount of sweetness.
How We Do It
Efficient, responsible, meticulous production paired with integrity and passion.
What We Believe
Jam isn't complicated; it's not going to change the world in any big way. By operating a sustainable business - a business that can be sustained environmentally, and by workers, consumers and a profitable bottom line - we can impact the world in many small but measurable ways.
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