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Is The Fruit Truly Organic?!

Learn How We Double-Check By Testing for Herbicides & Pesticides!



Here at Crofter’s Organic we believe your taste buds’ happiness should NEVER be separated from your body’s wellness. We firmly believe that food can be both nourishing AND make your mouth do the happy dance. In our case, the key to achieving this goal relies greatly on the quality of the fruits we use. That’s why we double-check all our fruit by testing for herbicides & pesticides!

In the world of fruit spreads, you’re only as good as the fruit you use. That’s why over the last 30 years we have spent countless hours building a network of suppliers that grow some of the best quality fruits on the planet. Our stringent fruit quality guidelines ensure that every shipment of fruit that enters our facility is guaranteed to produce a spread with lip-smacking, fruit-y-licious flavor.

Finding ample fruit supply that also meets our strict quality measures means we have to source globally. (Check out our interactive sourcing map! Crofter’s Fruit) This, however, does pose some additional risks. Due to varying agricultural and certification practices around the world, there is an increased risk for fruit contamination. The risk being herbicides and pesticides. Organic regulation restricts the use of herbicides and pesticides. To counter this risk, Crofters invested in a high-tech piece of equipment that allows us to test for 450 of the most commonly used herbicides and pesticides!

The Double-Check System

In simple terms, the purpose of organic foods is to create high-quality, nutrient-dense foods, while mitigating the impact of agricultural practices on the environment. One of the most significant differences in organic agriculture compared to conventional agriculture is the elimination of chemical herbicides and pesticides. An increasing number of studies are showing links between the over-use of chemical herbicides and pesticides and various human health issues and environmental degradation.

Since 1989, we’ve had a long-term commitment to organics. This was before standards even existed! We believe it is our duty to ensure that our spreads are free from potential contamination. This is why we test each lot of incoming fruit and sweeteners for the absence of 450 of the most commonly used herbicides and pesticides! How’s that possible, you ask? Check out the cool infographic below!

Using our nifty High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Dual Mass Spectrometer (say that 10 times fast!) we are able to confirm whether there are even the slightest traces of these chemicals present in the item being tested. Under extreme pressure, this piece of equipment is able to separate the microscopic particles of restricted substances and then identify them. If we find that an item is contaminated, it is immediately put on hold and not used in production. Although this is not required, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with truly high-quality, and unadulterated products! Who knew that fruit spreads were so sciency?!


A Fruit Spread For All

Crofter’s doesn’t stop there…we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our tasty spreads. That’s why our facility process ONLY fruit and cane sugar. For instance, no nuts, no grains, no animal products (yes, even our cane sugar is Vegan). For the time our spread is with us, it never comes into contact with common allergens. Even sulfites, naturally occurring in some red grapes, stay below the government standard of 10 ppm.

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