6 Easy Dinner Party Recipes to be the Hostess with the Mostess

Easy Dinner Party Recipes That’ll Earn You the Title ‘Hostess with the Mostess’

Let’s be real, as much as we love throwing dinner parties and get-togethers for our friends and loved ones, hosting can be a daunting task! With the holidays around the corner, it feels so good to get that off our chest and believe us when we say you’re not alone! Not only do you have to get the house in order, but you want to plan a menu that is jam-packed with delicious flavor and looks cute for the Gram! No need to fear, Crofter’s is here with 6 easy start-to-finish recipes that will award you the title of hostess with the mostess!

Did you know that cooking with fruit spread can save you time while adding so much delicious flavor to your dish without added sugar or extra prep?! Crofter’s Organic Fruit Spread can be used for far more than just toast or the traditional PB&J. We’ll show you how…

Time is of the essence when you’re hosting. So flavorful quick recipes that can be made beforehand are seriously lifesavers. Let’s start with an easy appetizer! This Simple Apricot Jalapeno Salsa Recipe will give your taste buds life! The sweet flavors from the Apricots and Crofter’s Premium Apricot Fruit Spread balances perfectly with the spicy notes from the Jalapeno and red onion. Not to mention this can all be made in the food processor, simply add the ingredients and blend—Voila, an easy, delicious, homemade appetizer is ready!

Take your charcuterie board to a whole-nother-level with this elegant and Easy Morello Cherry Baked Brie Recipe. Talk about ooey-gooey perfection and it only takes two ingredients to make #winning! Bake the brie for 15 minutes, take it out of the oven and scoop Crofter’s Organic Premium Morello Cherry Fruit Spread on top—that’s it! Pair with rice crackers, pistachios, fresh baguette, or fresh sliced apples & pears (also, goes great with wine)!

Earning the title Hostess with the Mostess is all about simplicity and flavor! Don’t settle for a boring store-bought side salad because you’re limited on time. This Raspberry Vinaigrette & Field Green Salad is deliciously satisfying and easy. The best part is the dressing can be made beforehand along with prepping the salad ingredients so on the day of, simply toss it all together. The homemade dressing only takes 5 ingredients (plus S&P) to make and is jam-packed with flavor thanks to Crofter’s Raspberry Just Fruit Spread. Trust us, this homemade salad dressing tops ANY store-bought dressing. #hostesshacks

The entrée can be the most time-consuming part. Take it easy by using make ahead dinner party recipe like this one, Homemade Apricot Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Simply throw all ingredients in the slow cooker the morning of your event. When guests start arriving, you’ll have an appetizing homemade meal that will fill your house with a mouthwatering aroma! Crofter’s Organic Premium Apricot Fruit Spread makes the perfect glaze for pork, giving it that drool worthy made with love flavor.

What would a get-together be without a signature drink? This Easy Blackberry & Apple Mulled Cider is perfect for all ages! Crofter’s Seedless Premium Blackberry Fruit Spread adds all the flavor you need without adding additional sugar, SCORE! Since this recipe takes a few hours to make, we recommend making it before hand as you can store it in the refrigerator for up to a week—now that’s what we’re talking about! You can enjoy this cider hot or chilled over ice.

Full of chocolatey goodness, jam-packed with nutritious antioxidants, and gluten-free—these Delicious Pomegranate Power Chocolate Chunk Brownies are the ultimate treat. The magic behind these brownies is Crofter’s Superfruit Pomegranate Power Spread. This unique flavor combo has a tart profile that truly compliments the fudgy cocoa notes, making this one powerhouse of a brownie and a great way to end the night!

6 Easy Recipes From Start-to-Finish


Simple Apricot Jalapeno Salsa Recipe

Easy Morello Cherry Baked Brie Recipe

Side Salad:

Raspberry Vinaigrette & Field Green Salad


Homemade Apricot Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Signature Drink:

Easy Blackberry & Apple Mulled Cider

Gluten-Free Dessert:

Delicious Pomegranate Power Chocolate Chunk Brownies


We know you’re posting these photos on the GRAM, so tag us in them @CroftersOrganic! We love seeing how your recipes turn out and sharing with the social media world! Remember to keep it simple, prep beforehand, and most of all have fun! After all, cooking for friends and hosting is what you make it!