We’ve got the classics: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, four fruit, concord grape.
We’ve got the unique: morello cherry.
We’ve got the exotic: mango, pomegranate.
Whichever fruit you fancy, we’ve preserved the very best.

What’s in a jar of Crofter’s Organic Strawberry Premium Spread? Mostly organic strawberries. The top-line ingredient in our Wild Blueberry Premium Spread is organic, wild-harvested blueberries. Morello cherry? Tart, organic morello cherries. You get the picture.

Our Premium Spreads are sweetened with organic cane sugar* sourced from the Green Cane Project. All of our Premium Spreads and Just Fruit Spreads contain one-third less sugar than standard jam. Learn more about the role of sugar in preserving fruit and why Crofter’s Premium Spreads need to be refrigerated after opening here.
*Made with organic cane sugar from an ethical and environmentally friendly source certified Fair Trade IBD.

Available in 10 oz jars.
Raspberry, strawberry and concord grape available in 16.5 oz jars

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