At Crofter's we are proud to provide consumers with the best tasting organic fruit spreads possible. We are equally proud of our certifications - our assurance that you are getting the highest quality fruit spreads that are safe for your family and respectful of our environment.

We've been organic since we began in 1989. That's 24 years in the organic industry. The USDA and Canada Organic seals on our jars assure you that Crofter's fruit spreads meet government Organic standards. Choosing organic products means you are avoiding pesticides, GMO's, and other chemicals while supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

We support your right to know what's in your food. The Non-GMO Project Verified seal on our jars lets you know that Crofter's does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

QAI is committed to ensuring organic integrity at every link in the organic production chain. From post-harvest facilities and processing plants, to the retail store where it is available for purchase, QAI verifies and ensures organic integrity.

We are equally proud of our amazing in-house laboratory and plant that is Global Food Safety Initiative Audit SQF Edition 7 Level 2 certified. That means Crofter's is in the world class of Food Safety certified companies. Our plant is extensively audited on a regular basis to make sure our production practices meet a high standard for food production. You can be sure that everything is in place to make every jar of Crofter's safe and of the high standard you expect.

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